Follow the treasure map found in Snobby Shores

In the Fortnite Season 5 – week  5 challenges there is “Follow the treasure map found in Snobby Shores”. In this short article we will guide you to it. The treasure map Snobby Shores video…

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Fortnite Golf Tee to Green locations

Where to hit a golf ball from tee to green on different holes.  For the Fortnite season 5 – week 5 challenges they ask you to: “Hit a golf ball from tee to green on…

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Fortnite Rift locations (season 5, week 5)

You will find all rift locations in this easy to use map. If a rift is used a few times it disappears. Use this map to use 3 rift portals and earn 5 battle stars…

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fortnite spandex update

Fortnite Store Update Adds Spandex Squad Gear

Mullets and huge hair are back infant! Today at 8 p.m. EST, similar to each day at 8 p.m., Epic Games refreshed the Fortnite Store, and this time said refresh incorporates some fresh out of…

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Pokemon Go Hopes to Add PvP by End of 2018

A senior Niantic worker uncovered that Pokemon Go is attempting to have player versus player fighting actualized before the current year’s over. Niantic as of late held a noteworthy Ingress live occasion in Warsaw, Poland,…

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Fortnite: Free Battle Star Location, Week 5

The location is pretty obvious in the above screenshot, it is on top of the Barn near the Northwest edge of the desert. The free battle star is located just left of the kart track.

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fortnite heavy sniper

Fortnite Heavy Sniper Coming This Week

It’s here. The fresh out of the box new, since a long time ago supposed, regularly released Heavy Sniper is “coming soon” to Fortnite, probably with Tuesday’s refresh. The news comes method for an in-amusement…

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Super Mario World Gameplay Video

This is a video witch demonstrates the gameplay of the popular Super Nintendo game: Super Mario World. We play the first 4 levels of the first world including the bonus game in the end.

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Snes game converter

How does a SNES game converter works?

By means of a game converter you can play American (NTSC) or Japanese (JAP) games on a European SNES (PAL). There are many types of these converters available such as: Honeybee converterThe Universal game converterCompetition…

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biker mice from mars

Biker Mice From Mars (SNES)

Biker Mice From Mars is based on the American animated series. This was broadcast in the Netherlands between 1994 and 2003. It is a racing game for the snes with the characters from the cartoon…

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how to win sainte marie du mont

Sainte Marie Du Mont Domination – how to win / camping / power position

The key of winning in Sainte Marie du mont is holding B. And with holding B comes the house that looks out over B. One of your teammates must hold this position to win. If…

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Flak tower hardcore dom camping

Flak Tower Domination – How to win // camping / power position

How to win domination in Flak Tower. The key is to hold the B flag, your team will spawn either at A or C, so if that flag is taken your team will recover it….

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gustav cannon domination

Gustav Cannon Camping domination/how to win

How to camp/win at cod ww2 gustav cannon domination: This videos shows how to hold B and win at gustav cannon in domination. It shows the power positions and how to strategic place S-mines. The…

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3 Ninjas Kick Back snes

3 Ninjas Kick Back

3 Ninjas kick back is a game for the Super Nintendo. It is created by Malibu Interactive and published by Sony Imagesoft. It is based on the movie with the same title. At first you…

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failing n64 reset- utton

Fix Jammed N64 Reset Button

The reset button of an N64 can get stuck after a while. As a result, the N64 does not work anymore. Often the button is stuck because there is dirt between the mechanism. This is…

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