Fortbyte 40 location

Fortbyte 40 location
Fortbyte 40 location

For this Fortbyte you have to go to the sundial in the desert! Go to the face of the sundial to pick up this Fortbyte!

Requires players to wear Demi skin
To complete this challenge, you must use the Demi mask. You can change your skins via the Locker tab in the main lobby.

You can unlock the Demi mask by reaching level 87 of the season 9 combat card!
The sundial is located on the edge of the desert biom and the grassland lake. It is in the southern part of the map, east of the deadly fields.

The Fortbyte is on the sundial. You have to land on it or bring some materials to climb the sundial!

The Fortbyte is located on the north side of the clock on the north side. You will rest for the car that represents number 12.

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