dance on the apres ski dance floor for 10 seconds - fortnite

Dance on the apres ski dance floor for 10 seconds

In the Fortnite week 10 challenge, you must dance for 10 seconds on the apres-ski dance floor. The Apres ski is located South of Misty Meadows. Just enter the wooden shed from the main entrance…

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Find gnomes at homely hills fortnite

Find gnomes at homely hills

In this guide we will tell you all locations of the Gnomes to complete the “Find gnomes at Homely Hills” challenge. The Gnomes are found around and in the houses of Homely Hills. Homely Hills…

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fortnite season 3 - week 1 challenges

Fortnite Season 3 – week 1 challenges

In this post we give you all locations, hidden items and secrets for the week 1 challenges in Fortnite season 3. Find Gnomes in Homely Hills

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land at the rig, hydro 16 and logjam woodworks

Land at the rig, hydro 16 and logjam woodworks

In the week 3 challenge of Fortnite chapter 2 season 2 you must land at the rig, hydro 16 and at logjam woodworks. In this short video we show you all these locations.

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all shadow safe house locations fortnite thumb

All Shadow Safehouse locations

This video shows you all Fortnite Shadow Safehouse locations. Use these locations to complete your challenges.

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destroy toilets deathpool week 3

Destroy Toilets (Deathpool week 3 challenge)

This post will tell you where to find all toilets to finish the Fortnite chapter 2 week 3 Deathpool challenge: Destroy toilets. The toilets are located at Pleasant Park, Salty Springs, and Retail Row. Watch…

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fortnite poster-locations

Fortnite posters season 2

Fortnite season 2 chapter 2 is set to release on Thursday, February 20. The downtime is scheduled at 4am ET/9am UTC and will last a few hours. Poster There is a number of posters found…

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All fortnite hidden letters week 1 to 5 - chapter 2 F O R T N

All Fortnite hidden letters week 1 to 5

This short video will tell you all the locations of the Fortnite secret letters for week 1 to 5 in Fortnite chapter 2.

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Search hidden R found in the Forged in Slurp Loading screen

Search hidden R in the forged in Slurp loading screen

The hidden R is located in Slurpy Swamp. Go to the pipe on the East side and the hidden R is located underneath it. Map location: Once here go underneath the pipe and to this…

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search hidden o found in the open water loading screen

Search hidden O found in the Open Water Loading Screen

The hidden O is located at Croggy Cliffs. Just go to the building North of it and go underneath. This is the mao location: Go under the wooden structure and the hidden o is located…

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hide inside hideouts

Hide inside hideouts in different matches

In this Fortnite mission, you must hide inside a hideout in 10 different matches. A hideout is an object where you can hide in. When you are hidden you can look around freely but opponents…

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Dance at Compact Cars, Lockie's Lighthouse, and a Weather Station

Dance at Compact Cars, Lockie’s Lighthouse, and a Weather Station

In this mission, you must dance at the compact cars landmark, the Lockie’s Lighthouse landmark and the weather station landmark. Dance at compact cars You can see the exact map location of the compact cars…

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search hidden f in the new world loading screen

Search hidden f in the new world loading screen

You can collect the hidden F in Lazy Lake once you have unlocked the new world loading screen. The exact location can be found in this map: Once arrived the F is found on this…

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Fortnite DJ Booth location - Dance behind

Dance behing a DJ Booth

The location of the DJ booth for the Dance Behind The DJ Booth at a Dance Club with The Yond3r Outfit challenge. Step one: select the DJ Yond3r outfit You must select the dj Yond3r…

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Dance in an Icy Airplane Hangar

Dance in an Icy Airplane Hangar

In this challenge you must dance with others to raise the disco ball at an icy airplane hangar. The icy airplane hangar is located at Frosty Flights. Just go inside the hangar and do your…

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